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Keep your counter free of clutter and be a master of organization with this hanging toiletry bag. This bag by Eco Sun is one of our favorite finds! This wil make your bathroom experience so much smoother and change the way you travel, pack, and unpack. You can organize all of your self-care essentials with room to spare since there are 4 giant internal compartments and 3 external pockets.

Everything hangs at eye-level and the sections are see-through, so you can easily find what you’re looking for whether it’s hung on the door, wall, hook, or shower pole. I use the 3 outside pockets for smaller items like jewelry, nail trimmers, bobby pins, and medicine. We are touched that the company, Eco Sun, sincerely cares about making sustainable products that give back to the planet. With their happiness guarantee, you have literally nothing to lose and will 100% fall in love with it.

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