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Don’t forget that your domestic provider does not cover you overseas, and the Dominican Republic does not provide free medical treatment for tourists. And since the local hospitals are privately owned, they are very expensive. Travel insurance is crucial because you do not want to risk paying out-of-pocket for costly medical bills or if things don’t go as planned. It will cover you for anything from delayed flights to things stolen out of your hotel room, to an unplanned trip to the E.R.

We use Faye because they have set a precedent for all providers with a modern and flexible approach. They handle everything on their easy-to-use mobile app, making the claims process so easy. And they even have an add-on to cancel your trip “ for ANY reason,” which basically makes a non-refundable trip – refundable! It’s affordable protection for your travel investment that offers real peace of mind – a serious no-brainer.

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