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With nearly 500 million cyberattacks in the first half of 2023 – the Dominican Republic is not the safest destination for online privacy. Protect your cybersecurity with a virtual private network that adds an extra layer of encryption to your information while browsing on unsecured Wi-Fi networks. We learned about this the hard way when our financial information was stolen at our Airbnb in Europe. You assume your accommodation will be safe, but any public network (at a cafe, library, airport, hotel, etc.) can put your data at risk.

Now we always use our VPN, both for foreign and domestic internet connections! A VPN will also give you access to geo-restricted websites that may be censored in the host country. Common ones that are blocked include Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube due to copyright issues, but you will have full access to the internet with an affordable VPN. I also like knowing that no one can monitor my activity (including my internet provider and government officials who already know too much about us, right?) I’ll never go back to a VPNless life!

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